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gamescom 2015 Sees 345,000 Attendees, Star Wars Battlefront Wins Game of Show

gamescom 2016 dated.

IO Interactive Talks Hitman Size and Level Design, New Screenshots Released

“All of it is procedural and systemic.”

Sony Might Hold Another gamescom Press Conference in the Future If The “Stars Re-Align,” Says Ryan

Get a brief look at how multiplayer works on Project Morpheus.

Sony: “Very Likely” We’ll See More PS4 Remasters of PS3 Games

He thinks it has to be a great game if you’re going to go to the trouble.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Gets New Cel-Shading Look Only Several Weeks Before Launch

It looks interesting.

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Videos Show Off Combat and a Boss Fight

Looks good!

Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer Takes You Back 15 Years

Learn all about the story from Square Enix.

Unravel Gameplay gamescom Trailer Shows Yarn Building and Lots of Water

Water isn’t Yarny’s friend.

New Need for Speed Story Trailer Shows Challenges and More Customization

So you wanna be a player…?

Here Are the gamescom 2015 Award Nominees

175 entries across 17 categories.

Microsoft gamescom 2015 Live Stream – Watch What the Competition Has in Store

Are you expecting any timed third-party exclusive announcements?

Sony on gamescom 2015: No Streams Planned, “Some Good Stuff” From Third Party Partners

Bigger presence is coming at Paris Games Week in October.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gamescom Demo Will Focus on the Mother Base

Check out Snake’s bionic arm.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Global eSports Reveal Announced for August 5

Competitive players will play some show matches as well.