Sony Might Hold Another gamescom Press Conference in the Future If The “Stars Re-Align,” Says Ryan

As pointed out in our latest episode of Exclusive Envy, Microsoft held an impressive press conference at gamescom 2015 earlier this week, while Sony decided to forgo having one in favor of an international briefing at Paris Games Week in October.

During a walkthrough of PlayStation’s area at gamescom, PlayStation Europe President Jim Ryan explained why they didn’t have a big on-stage event this year:

The thing with the press conference is that it has to fit into like a global calendar with many other things, with Tokyo Game Show, and with E3. The something this year was that E3 was a week late and gamescom is a week earlier than it was last year. So that meant that the window between the two events just wasn’t wide enough for us to be able to put on the sort of show that we really like to put on.

We’re really committed to gamescom. We love the show. We’re not saying we’ll never be back in the future if the diary stars re-align, we’d love to come again.

Later in the video at 13:30, they briefly show how Project Morpheus multiplayer will work with one person wearing the headset and three people playing along with DualShock 4s.

Asked when we might see Morpheus, Ryan said, “All we’ve said is that it will be released in the first half of calendar 2016. PlayStation has a very long track record of making sure that we don’t launch something until everything makes sense for us and, particularly, for the consumer. And part of that is making sure that we have the right price and the right value proposition.”

Ryan then explained why we didn’t see much Morpheus at Sony’s E3 2015 press conference:

One of the reasons was to keep some of the great game demos for gamescom. The other thing is, in terms of the press event at E3, it’s just something that’s rather difficult to demonstrate on a big stage in front of 3,000 people. It’s much better to demonstrate Morpheus in this sort of setting.

Do you expect Sony to hold a big conference at gamescom next year?

[Source: PlayStation Germany, Chris Owen (Twitter)]