IO Interactive Talks Hitman Size and Level Design, New Screenshots Released

Even though Hitman will be releasing in almost episodic chunks, it is poised to be a massive game that will feature large areas, huge crowds, and interconnected actions.

Speaking with IGN at gamescom 2015, IO Interactive Studio Head and Executive Producer Hannes Seifert mentioned that “the density and size” of Hitman is greater than any previous Hitman game, mostly due to the current-gen hardware. It was also mentioned that there will be up to around 300 NPCs in crowds.

The density and the size we have; we’ve never had that before. That’s also something we could not have done before the current generation of hardware.

Seifert took some time to talk about how actions in Hitman are interconnected, and explained what that might mean when playing through a level.

One of the things in any Hitman game is that the level design we have makes us unique but it makes it very challenging. All of it is procedural and systemic. You make an action and you trigger a reaction. You could potentially snipe a model on the catwalk, and the fashion show has to react to that. The audience has to react to that. And this is something that is happening in the game.

Also at gamescom, four new Hitman screenshots were released, and those can be seen below:

Hitman is due out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 8 digitally, with a physical version coming out sometime in 2016.

[Source: Hitman, IGN]