Fan Shaming, Unpopular Opinions, and the Godzilla Situation

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The PS3/PS4 game Godzilla brought about the latest example of a phenomenon that’s always bothered me: fan shaming. That’s when one member of a fan base doesn’t like something, expresses it, and then is told he/she is “not a real fan” or some similarly worded scorn. In this podcast, we talk about that with the newest Godzilla game.

We also talk about the other end, how it’s totally okay to feel differently about a game than the majority. Some fans get upset when widespread review scores are low (for example, Godzilla’s Metacritic rating is like 38 right now). But does everything you like need to have a high Metascore? No. Conversely, do things with high review scores demand that you love them? Of course not. Like what you like and be proud.

It’s hard to avoid getting into the topic of game reviews in general, because you can go 100 different directions with it, each its own huge can of worms; so we do of course bring that up, but try to keep from getting too crazy with it.


02:09 – Godzilla’s poor reception

05:08 – Quiz time!

05:49 – “You’re not a fan of XYZ!”

07:47 – “You’re a graphics whore!”

08:08 – “Go back to Call of Duty!”

09:26 – “You just suck at the game!” + Difficulty levels

14:49 – “You’re just trolling for hits!”

16:49 – Opinions that differ from the crowd

19:39 – “They don’t understand my gaaaaaaaame!”

21:54 – Authenticity doesn’t make for good gameplay

27:10 – Fans shaming other fans

30:04 – There’s nothing wrong with not being good at a game

36:20 – Games appealing to different people is a good thing!


Thank you very much for listening. We appreciate it very much.