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Editor’s Letter – New Original Video Series Incoming

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the site, you might have seen us push for more original video content. Well, for those who enjoy watching the videos, I’m glad to announce that we’ll be ramping up our video content in a big way.

Starting this month, we’ll be introducing new video content that will complement our daily news and features, While we usually air original videos every Tuesdays (Top 5 Tuesdays) and on Fridays (Versus, The Ultimate, etc.), we’ll now be publishing a few more videos to accompany those.

One of the videos I’m referring to aired today, and that’s the Monthly Releases Spotlight, which will air once a month. Joining that video will be:

60 Seconds (Weekly) – As the title suggests, the video is just a minute long, and will feature anything under the sun. If you like info that’s fast and easy to digest, you’ll love this one.

Worth Playing (Monthly) -We put the spotlight on a few games that deserve to be noticed. Don’t expect any big AAA title here, but be prepared to find a hidden gem or two.

PSN Sale Must Buys (Weekly) – We highlight the best PSN deals of the week and give our recommendations. If you’re unsure what to get whenever Sony rolls out its Flash sale, then we got you covered.

Those with short attention spans will be happy to know that these won’t take up a lot of your time, but rather, are short and straight to the point videos, that will focus on content we haven’t touched before. Our written content will, of course, stay the same and be constantly evolving with the times.

So, if you haven’t subscribed to PlayStation LifeStyle’s YouTube channel, what are you waiting for? Not only do we feature all the latest trailers and gameplay videos, but we have a lot of original content to make sure you have something to watch everyday.

These are exciting times for PSLS, and it wouldn’t be possible with you people. As always, feel free to send me an email, or talk to me on Twitter if you have concerns, suggestions or just want to talk games.