alan wake 2 new game plus

Alan Wake II Is Doing New Game Plus With a Twist

Remedy Entertainment has revealed that an Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode will be coming post-launch, and will feature a new alternative narrative.

Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus adds to mysteries

The Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode will allow players to keep unlocked upgrades and weapons, provide a new Nightmare difficulty mode, and, most intriguingly, a new alternative narrative, including new Manuscript pages and new video content.

Remedy has kept its cards close to its chest with Alan Wake 2. A digital-only release and late-in-the-day reviews have so far kept its secrets under lock and key, so we don’t know exactly what kind of alternative narrative we’ll be getting in Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus, but it adds another tantalizing layer to the air of mystery surrounding the game.

Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake recently told fans at EGX that there will be significant free DLC for the game alongside paid expansions. That seems likely to tie into this New Game Plus news if it’s altering the story told in the first playthrough. 

 In the story of Alan Wake 2, Alan is still trapped in the alternate dimension called the Dark Place after the events of the earlier games. Hoping to escape his 13-year imprisonment, he decides to write a supernatural horror story about an FBI agent named Saga Anderson. Players will control both characters as the two worlds collide.

PlayStation Lifestyle’s Michael Leri previewed the game last month and was enthused with what he experienced, writing, ”While the wait for Alan Wake 2 has been especially long, it seems like it’s only benefiting from Remedy’s experiences and justifying its long bout in the Dark Place.”

Alan Wake 2 releases tomorrow, October 27, 2023 on PCPS5, and Xbox Series X|S. It is currently digital only.