Psyonix Already Working on Next Rocket League DLC Pack After Supersonic Fury

Even though Rocket League‘s first bit of DLC hasn’t been released yet, Psyonix has already begun working on the game’s second DLC pack.

In an interview with GameZone, Psyonix Vice President of Marketing Jeremy Dunham explained that Psyonix believes people are going to like the next DLC pack “a lot.”

We’re finishing the one we just announced, and we’re working on the very next one which we think people are really going to like a lot.

Dunham also mentioned that every paid DLC pack will release with a free map, in order to “satisfy both audiences.” The first DLC map will release sometime this month alongside the Supersonic Fury pack.

Whenever we release a new map we want to release a new DLC pack with it.

We want to satisfy both audiences.

Are you excited for the Supersonic Fury DLC pack to come out this month? What things do you want to see included in future pieces of Rocket League DLC?

[Source: GameZone]