First Rocket League Free Map Revealed, Penalties May Be Introduced With the Next Patch

Set to arrive in a few weeks, the first free map for Rocket League is called Utopia Coliseum and can be viewed above through a teaser image.

In the immediate future for Rocket League, developer Psyonix is aiming to release patch 1.03 this week, which will fix a number of issues, including PlayStation 4 fan noise and being unable to track distance traveled when playing online.

The Rocket League Twitter account also answered some questions recently, and you can see the answers below:

  • There are plans for South American servers.
  • “There is a bug with how consistently [Sweet Tooth] unlocks. Fixed in next patch if you don’t get him by then.”
  • Regarding missing flags: “Original flag choices were World Cup 2014 teams and unique PSN Store locations. 70+ country flags coming soon.”
  • An improvement to invisible players is coming in the next patch. “That one will take a few patches (multi-tiered issue)” to fully fix.
  • On PS4 and PC cross-play: “Currently they share the same matchmaking pool, but we are looking into other solutions to improve that.”
  • “We’ll be making an announcement about DLC (when it’s coming, what’s in it, etc.) later this week.”
  • “We’re trying to introduce penalties [for rage-quitters] into our next patch (one of the reasons it was semi-delayed). We’ll see if it makes it.”

When patch 1.03 is released, we’ll let you know.

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