Braid Creator’s Puzzle Game The Witness Is at Bug Fixing Stage

Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s upcoming game, The Witness, is undergoing some intense testing and bug extermination at Thekla, Inc. According to a note on the game’s website, full time staff members are checking the game for bugs, which is resulting in a long list of them. 

There are many different kinds of bugs, some really major and a ton of minor things that can be solved fairly quickly. We are finding errors of all sorts, in lightmaps, shadows, collision, grass planting, reflections, mesh placement, modeling, materials, sound, etc. Not to mention a bunch of weird things that sometimes take a while to track down. We also have to check the game in High, Medium and Low quality, because different errors can happen at the different settings.

Thekla went on to share images of quite a few bugs that the testers have spotted so if you’re interested in checking them out, click here

A year ago, we were told that The Witness is almost done, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for a release date. However, Thekla says that bug fixing and optimization is all that’s left to do so we might hear something soon.

[Source: The Witness]