Need for Speed DLC Might Be More Than Just Car Packs

With EA confirming that it’s not sure if Need for Speed will once again be an annual franchise, it seems developer Ghost Games has plans to make sure people don’t tire of the racing game and no, it’s not just car DLC.

Speaking to VideoGamer at gamescom, Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson mentioned that the studio has “pretty significant plans” for the game to make sure that fans will play Need for Speed longer than previous entries in the franchise.

I want Need for Speed to modernise…I want Need for Speed to not feel like a November 3 title every year. I want it to be a game that people embrace, they keep it for longer and play it for longer, and that’s something that Need for Speed needs to achieve because it’s not happening right now.

While Nilsson refrained from discussing specific Need for Speed DLC plans, when asked whether the studio’s goal of expanding the game stretched to more than just car packs, Nelson said, “yes.”

Obviously we don’t go into [how we do that] today but we have pretty significant plans of what we think will work and I think the story that you see in this game can effectively help to keep you in there, as well as many other ways that we can refresh and renew content for you throughout.

Given that Need for Speed will always require the player to be online, chances are, Ghost Games plans are tied into it. 

What are you hoping Ghost Games implements to Need for Speed to prolong its life? Can it even be an achievable goal?

[Source: VideoGamer]