Galak-Z Week 2 Patches Now Live in Europe and North America

The Week 2 patches for 17-BIT’s space shooter, Galak-Z, are now live in both Europe and North America. Updates 1.03 (EU) and 1.04 (NA) are almost identical, with the exception of a fix for a trophy glitch that only affected European players. Here are the full patch notes:

-=Performance / Stability=-

+ Fix sporadic hitching in Space Hulk and Raider Base dungeons

+ Performance improvements to enemy death and misc. explosions

+ Performance improvements in cave dungeons

+ Auto-pause the game when the PS4 controller disconnects


+ Fix loss of input after attempting to grapple certain projects

+ Fix episode 3-5 sometimes being incompletable when in Recovery mode

+ Fix ‘Can’t Touch This’ trophy (EU only)

Galak-Z: The Dimensional is now out on the PlayStation 4. PSLS’ Mark played the game and quite enjoyed it. You can read his review in full here.

[Source: Galak-Z(1)(2)]