Dungeon Travelers 2 Review – Classic Sexual Twist (PS Vita)

Imagine taking your classic, dungeon-crawling, turn-based RPG and replacing all of the monsters will half-naked women who like to stand in highly suggestive positions. Alright — do you have some sort of interesting picture in your head? If so, it’s most likely identical to Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library and The Monster Seal, which is set to release on the PlayStation Vita tomorrow.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Like I implied up above, Dungeon Travelers 2 is essentially your standard RPG. You control a small party of hyper-sexualized, but extremely powerful, women who go around to different dungeons in an attempt to essentially cleanse them of the monsters living in them. Each party member has a different set of skills, and they have different classes, such as a warrior-type class, a mage-type class, and so on. Leveling up will earn the characters new skills, and unique and powerful items can be found while exploring the dungeons and opening treasure chests or defeating powerful enemies. Unfortunately, that brief story description is probably just as informative as the game’s own narrative and dialogue, as the true story gets lost in a sea of nonsensical sentences spewed out by the different characters and party members, making the whole plot seem inconsequential. 

Dungeon Travelers 2 Review Screens (2)

Although most of that sounds like a typical RPG, after taking one glance at the visuals, it is clear that Dungeon Travelers 2 is probably not the type of RPG you grew up playing. Almost all the “monsters” are hyper-sexualized women, and the bosses are generally extremely hyper-sexualized women, to the point where the game steps right up to the line that separates sexual content and pornography. Of course, it’s not surprising for this type of a Japanese title to have such sexual content, but it does make the RPG uncomfortable to play sometimes, especially when there are other people around and especially when, after defeating a boss, an image of her essentially fondling herself is shown on the screen.

Swords, Magic, and Monsters

But, surprisingly, despite having to take down an assortment of atypical enemies, the combat system and core gameplay is actually extremely engaging and challenging. Dungeon Travelers 2 takes place in first-person, and plays a lot like, say, the somewhat popular PC game Legend of Grimrock. Movement is turn-based, and random enemies will occasionally appear every so often. The maps are quite large, and since there are a lot of them, it offers players hours upon hours of gameplay. 

Besides the movement, combat is turn-based as well, meaning that enemies and the player’s party both take turns attacking. Players have to rely on different items, like health potions, unlockable skills, and their characters’ basic attacks to take down monsters. Early on, it can be fairly tricky to actually defeat enemies in battle, and I suggest saving a lot in the dungeons, just in case you encounter a group of enemies that are a little too strong. Things get a lot easier as players begin unlocking new characters, weapons, and skills, and when their characters are able to switch into more advanced classes after leveling up to a high enough level. These advanced classes offer powerful new abilities, and make it easier to design a more well-balanced party of adventurers.

Between the various unlockable characters and skills, and the fun and engaging gameplay, Dungeon Travelers 2, or at least the demo, is worth playing if your an RPG fan. However, it does get held back by some over-sexualized content and a lackluster story, but the core gameplay will keep you occupied for many, many hours.

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7.5Bronze Trohpy
  • Variety of skills and classes to unlock and level up
  • Challenging and engaging gameplay
  • Will keep you busy for many, many hours
  • The story seems inconsequential
  • Sexual content is sometimes over the top