Evolution Talks DriveClub’s Future, Includes “Plenty of New Features and Updates”

After reaching two million sold, finishing the Season Pass, and releasing the PlayStation Plus Edition, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios isn’t done with their PlayStation 4 racing title.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, there’s “plenty of new features and updates” coming to DriveClub, as Community Development Manager Jamie Brayshaw explained:

We’re adding more to the game every month to keep it fresh for you – whether you have DriveClub or the DriveClub PS Plus Edition – we’ve got loads planned to keep the game growing around you with new features, modes, tracks, cars and some big surprises on the way.

Your input always plays a huge part in powering our monthly updates too, just like you have done from the very start, and we’re already working on your most popular requests. Fully customization multiplayer lobbies, new difficulty options, more tracks, community events, extra Photo Mode options, fine-tuning for drift mode, smarter notifications and many more developments are all incoming.

If you have any feedback for Evolution Studios about DriveClub, let them know on Twitter, Facebook, or the PlayStation forums.

As a thank you to everyone playing DriveClub, Evolution is holding a Double XP event for everybody on all 15 cars available in the DriveClub PS+ Edition. The event is on now and runs through Monday, August 24.

Earlier this week, update 1.21 went live for DriveClub, adding Sprint Mode and much more.

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