Hand of Fate Sequel is in the Works, Reveals Defiant Development

Less than two months after Defiant Development announced that Hand of Fate‘s PlayStation Vita version had been cancelled, the developer has revealed that a sequel is in development. In an interview with video game website SixMonthsLater Gaming, Creative Director and Founder Morgan Jaffit said that the developer isn’t going to release any “big, substantial” content for the current title because a sequel is in development that takes into account all the feedback received thus far.

What we’ve done now is we’ve taken all of the feedback that we’ve gotten along the way, good, bad and ugly, and rolled that in and we’re starting work on a sequel, so that’s where most of our focus is now.

We’ve got some patches and drops still coming for Hand of Fate but no big substantial bit of content and part of that is because the stuff we wanted to do we could only do justice to by reaching in and building it out for a sequel.

In case you’re wondering, yes, Hand of Fate did earn enough to enable the studio to work on a sequel. Jaffit said that if Defiant had teamed up with a publisher for the original release, the studio wouldn’t have been able to make another game without a publisher’s support. “Because we self-published it and took on all the development costs ourselves it’s therefore our reward and that’s enabled us to make another one,” he said. 

Hand of Fate had a positive reception (our review here) and is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: SixMonthsLater Gaming via Shacknews]