Dying Light Demo Out Today on PS4, Includes Co-Op and Three Hours of Gameplay

If you’ve yet to check out Techland’s open-world zombie game Dying Light, a demo is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in North America and Europe.

A roughly 10GB download, the demo lets you explore most of the Slums area and promises three hours of unique content, including one story quest chain and a number of side quests, challenges, and random encounters. Additionally, you’ll find all the core gameplay mechanics of Dying Light, including the day/night cycle, parkour-based movement system, creative brutality, crafting, and online co-op for up to four players.

Producer Tymon Smektala said:

With the demand for Dying Light still high after more than half a year on the market, we wondered what else we could do to help players decide which game to buy. Then we thought: demoes were pretty much a standard in the previous generation, but suddenly they’ve become few and far between. So we decided to use some of our resources to release a demo now and let everyone experience our game first-hand.

Techland didn’t say if progress from the demo would transfer over to the full game.

Up next for Dying Light is The Following expansion, which adds a massive new map, drivable dirt buggies, and more. After receiving a bunch of questions, the developers addressed the lack of a release date for the new content:

Are you going to give the demo a download?