Techland: Hellraid “Definitely” Isn’t Cancelled, Dying Light Sales “Slightly Less” Than 4.5 Million


Clearing up any confusion around the announcement last month that Hellraid development had been put on hold, developer Techland revealed to Eurogamer that it is “definitely not dead.”

CEO Pawel Marchewka first said, “No, no, no,” when asked if the game was cancelled. As they said before though, the focus right now is on Dying Light:

Once we deliver everything we want [for Dying Light], probably by the – I don’t know – end of the third quarter this year, we will then maybe start to send some new [Hellraid] materials or informations or thinking about what’s the release date, something like that. There is nothing concrete about this timing.

But putting on hold means we want some of the resources to concentrate on Dying Light, and once they do what needs to be done we will come back to Hellraid.

Referencing their original statement that said Hellraid was going “back to the drawing board,” Marchewka says every one of their games has had a problem of being bigger than it should be. “We always wanted to create something bigger than we should,” he added. “Then we cut it in half and still it’s bigger than it should [be]!”

As for Dying Light, actual sales are “slightly less” than the 4.5 million unique players they saw in the first 100 days.

With the Season Pass completed, Marchewka teased their future plans for the title, saying, “We are thinking about maybe something really of bigger scope.”

Along with a potential expansion, Techland is planning lots of updates, quests, and challenges, giving people lots of reasons to keep playing with their friends.

He continued:

Obviously we’re also thinking about how to think about the sequel, what should happen there. So a lot of talk going on right now.

Taking a moment to discuss the Call of Juarez franchise, Marchewka says Techland and Ubisoft co-own the IP and have to decide together when to make another title in the series. Due to the success of Gunslinger, it would likely be a continuation of that style.

There’s nothing on the way right now for Call of Juarez though, with Techland working on other “big projects” besides Dying Light and Hellraid, including a couple mobile games.

[Source: Eurogamer]