New RPG Summon Night 6 First Screenshots, World Info

Bandai Namco’s recently revealed PS4 and Vita RPG Summon Night 6: Lost Borders reportedly takes place in a place called フィルージャ, which I guess will be written as “Fillujah,” which is oddly similar to Fallujah, and I don’t know why I’m bringing this up apart from it just seeming to jump out at me. Info/media source Famitsu says that the RPG “stars both boys and girls,” but doesn’t explicitly state whether that means players can select the gender of the main character, or if it simply means there’s a mixed cast. I assume the former.

It seems like a Tales of Xillia situation, because it’s said that the two have opposite personalities. You can see them as well as a few shots of Fillujah below:

Oh and food falls from the sky, because there are no fucking rules in Fillujah.