Dishonored Definitive Edition Delivers a “Clear Upgrade” Over PS3/360 Versions, Says Analysis

In our review of the Dishonored Definitive Edition, we talked about how “this is by no means a remaster,” the graphics have only seen minor improvements, and the frame-rate remains at 30fps.

Putting the Definitive Edition through an analysis, Digital Foundry agreed with parts of the review, saying that it’s backed by “run of the mill anti-aliasing” and the 1080p resolution on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One adds a “substantial boost in clarity and sharpness over the 720p last-gen releases.”

Comparing the PS4/Xbox One versions to the PC version running at maximum settings, Digital Foundry noticed similarities:

Some improvements are made, but in practice the amount of work carried out on the game appears fairly minimal and the core graphical look of the game falls into line with the PC version running at the high preset (maximum settings) with just a few tweaks in several areas. Alpha-based effects and post-processing elements such as depth of field and motion blur also appear identical across all three platforms.

Pointing out that “texture quality differences are few and far between,” they discovered areas where the level of depth delivered to the environments is given a boost, “though it is very weak in comparison and is often barely noticeable, mainly adding depth in darker scenes than in brighter daylight conditions.”

As for the frame-rate, Digital Foundry confirmed that it regularly maintains 30fps on both PS4 and Xbox One, though you may still see some mild screen-tearing. Overall, the “PS4 offers up the most stable experience.”

Giving the nod to the PS4 version on consoles, but saying both are almost identical, Digital Foundry’s verdict reads: “The Dishonored Definitive Edition delivers a clear upgrade over the previous console releases, giving us vastly superior image quality, smoother frame-rates, and an overall visual experience very much in line with the PC game.”

[Source: Eurogamer]