Top NBA 2K16 Player Ratings for Each Position Revealed

With NBA 2K16 set to come out very, very soon, 2K Sports has just revealed what a lot of hoop fans are most anxious about. Yes, I’m talking about the NBA 2K16 player ratings! 

Is Lebron number one again? What rating did Steph Curry get after his dream MVP season? Check out the gallery below for the answers. Also of note: 2K will release the overall top 10 list tomorrow, or just, y’know, check the highest in each position and surmise it from there.

Any surprises in the list? And yeah, before anyone asks, Lebron James is once again the highest rated player at 94. 

NBA 2K16 will be out on September 29 for the PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

[Source: NBA 2K (Twitter)]