Star Wars Battlefront to Feature In-Game Diorama for “Real Completionists”

September 21, 2015Written by Alex Co


Like it or not, progression and leveling your character up is part of almost every multiplayer shooter out right now, and those set to release soon. One of the shooters utilizing this proven drip feed method is DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront.

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle at TGS, we asked Lead Heroes Designer Jamie Keen what the max rank in Battlefront will be, and how long that will take players to hit. While Keen can’t or wouldn’t comment on the max rank, he did reveal the existence of a Star Wars Battlefront “diorama,” where “real completionists” will be able to show off characters and other stuff.

PlayStation LifeStyle: What is the max rank?

Jamie Keen: Being a DICE game, as you might expect, we have ranks for players to go through. I’m not 100% sure what the maximum rank is, but I think it’s been changing as we’ve been polishing up the game.

PSLS: About how long might it take a player to max out all that stuff or do everything that can be done?

Keen: I think plowing through, I don’t know, it’s gonna be tens of hours, but if you’re going for full completionist, that number will go up significantly. The other thing that we have is the diorama, which will be an area we’re going to be showing a lot of the characters and things, and there’s where you’ve got the real completionists — what they’ll be looking at. There’ll be very specific gameplay actions that you need to complete that will then unlock certain characters in the diorama.  

In related news, Keen confirmed to PSLS that while the game won’t offer a server browser option like in past DICE games, it will run on dedicated servers.

Are you interested in seeing this Star Wars Battlefront diorama? Will it be enough to compel you to reach the max rank to unlock everything in it?

Stay tuned to our full interview with Jamie Keen set to go up later this week.