Bungie: “Plenty” to Look Forward to in Destiny Year Two, Zone Control Explained

With the first week of Destiny: The Taken King behind us (and a hotfix released to fix some issues), Bungie took to their Weekly Update and revealed that more than 777,000 people attempted the King’s Fall Raid on day one, and nearly 89,000 Guardians have completed it since launch.

If you’re worried about running out of content with The Taken King, Bungie says there’s still plenty coming in Destiny Year Two:

So what now? The game has launched. The King is dead (long live the King). What do you Guardians have to look forward to?

The answer is: Plenty. Destiny Year Two has more in store for you than The Taken King, and Oryx still has more tricks secreted away up his sleeves and aboard his fortress. There are rewards we have yet to reveal and that you have yet to earn. One or two of them were discovered by you this week.

Bungie says illuminating the path for us would be too easy. “Rather, we prefer for you to emerge as the heroes in your living, social world. We just built the place. You’re the legends.”

Control may have been the most played mode in the first year of Destiny, but as Senior Designer Andrew Weldon explains, many players wanted a more traditional objective-focused experience. Thus, Zone Control was created and it is live right now:

In Zone Control, we have removed all individual player scores and score bonuses. Instead, your team receives points every five seconds for each zone you hold – +10 for one zone, +20 for two, and +30 for all three. Now, your path to victory relies far less on individual combat skills and far more on your team’s ability to effectively hold territory in the zones themselves. Good luck!

Zone Control also marks the debut of our featured weekly PVP playlists – in addition to the Legendary Marks for completing a match in the daily, you can now earn 10 Legendary Marks for each of your first three wins in the weekly featured playlist for a total of 30 Legendary Marks over the course of the week. We’ll feature a different rotating mode as the weekly featured playlist each week.

To improve the quality of Crucible matches, Bungie will be tuning the matchmaking formulas “soon.”

Will you be checking out Zone Control this weekend?

[Source: Bungie]