NBA Live 16 Updated on PS4 & Xbox One Ahead of Next Week’s Release

Released today on EA Access, with everyone else on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One getting it September 29, NBA Live 16 received its first title update, which addressed more than 200 issues discovered by EA Sports.

Here’s some of the biggest changes with Title Update 1:

Pro Am

  • General stability improvements to correct desync.
  • Hoop Dome objective unlock update.
  • Fixed issue where users aren’t given certain achievements in Summer Circuit.
  • Addressed Matchmaking issue where users were unable to find opponent in H2H.
  • Addressed general functionality issues.
  • View Skills adjustment in LIVE Run to match actual Skill Levels.
  • Addressed issue where player avatars are not showing up in the lobbies when users join a Pro-AM lobby.

Play Now

  • Addressed softlock when trying to play Tip Off after accessing Playbooks.


  • Modify stepback gather inputs to avoid conflict with spin gather
  • Enabled pump fakes on inside shots
  • Fix for AI not completing up and under sequence
  • General emotion tuning for more variety
  • Handoff indicator tuning
  • Animation adjustments to backdown and denial catches
  • Corrected incorrect defensive indicator colors to display during gameplay
  • Addressed warp animation issues when entering the post
  • Corrected Foul shot toward wrong basket
  • Adjusted AI when trying to play and up and under sequence
  • Adjusted fallback layup animation frequency
  • Fix Euro Step, pro hop gather when facing basket


  • Addressed online achievements now being awarded properly
  • Addressed issue where User does not enter Online H2H when accepting an Online H2H invitation


  • Stability improvements when entering / exiting modes
  • Addressed Game Invitation issue where they weren’t being properly displayed
  • Tattoo Shop UI updates
  • Addressed Crowd Audio during gameplay in Big Moments

Additionally, between now and September 29, EA will release another update to address issues discovered in the free demo (such as 2D avatars and backwards jump shots).

Speaking of the demo, you can keep playing it even after the full game launches:

And keep in mind that you can continue to play the demo for free, including LIVE Pro-Am, even past launch. You can use your 80-capped created player to compete with everyone, including those who have purchased the game. That’s our way of saying thank you for playing and helping us work towards making the best online multi-player basketball gaming experience.

If you’re interested, we placed the full NBA Live 16 Trophy list below.

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