Techland Responds to Fan’s Drunken Twitter Rant About Electrical Power in Dying Light

Dying Light may be a fictional game about fictional zombies, but that didn’t stop one fan from posting a drunken rant on Twitter about how the game’s electrical system is flawed.

After having a few drinks, Twitter user and electrical engineer c0mpl3x1ty began posting a myriad of perceived issues with how the electrical system in Dying Light is handled. According to the user, not only are things like generators presented incorrectly, but there also shouldn’t be a way for power to be generated in the fictional game world.

After reading his rant and receiving an email about it from Kotaku, developer Techland decided to email Kotaku back this humorous response:

Ok the cat is out the bag. Yeah it’s true, our electrical systems break conventional design. But when you’re stuck in a zombie outbreak you’re going to have to adapt and therefore bypass certain “rules”. The people of Harran had to apply a really resourceful design which required the existing infrastructure to be tweaked. That’s why when you look at the current electrical setup in Harran things appear “wrong”.

We didn’t want this ground-breaking design out in the public before we could patent it, but your interest has shown us that electrical engineering world as a whole needs to know there are other ways to generate electricity despite “conventional knowledge”. Feel free to share this with your fellow engineers.

What do you think of Techland’s response to that Twitter user’s rant on Dying Light?

[Source: c0mpl3x1ty1 (Twitter) via Kotaku]