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DICE Confirms It’s Tweaking Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault, Acknowledges Imbalance

Those who participated in Star Wars Battlefront‘s beta test have rightfully pointed out that the Walker Assault mission on planet Hoth is quite imbalanced, which makes it very difficult for rebels to win. Folks over at DICE have acknowledged the issue, and have revealed that they’re already tweaking the game to address it. In response to a tweet, Level Artist Daniel Cambrand said:

Don’t worry, we are making tweaks as we speak to make Walker Assault more balanced. The beta is in Imperial favor right now.

In a separate tweet, Lead Multiplayer Designer Dennis Brännvall also said that DICE is busy gathering gameplay data from the beta test and will balance things out. 

When one user pointed out that the snowspeeder QTE ends up in a crash, Cambrand said:

It can crash into the mountains if you Tow cable it. It’s up to the driver to go into the QTE with no mountains near you. 

We have to balance it so that the head of the ATAT can turn enough, as well as infantry needs to be able to shoot it. And that puts the ATAT to be as close at it is, meaning that Snowspeeder pilots need to time it when they can to Tow cable it.

In other Battlefront news, Luke Skywalker has passed away. A video posted by YouTube user Zephs has been making the rounds and actually caught the attention of DICE team members as well, who found it amusing. Watch Skywalker’s untimely demise below.

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