EA Tech Director Says Graphical Fidelity Has Been Prioritized Over Resolution in Star Wars Battlefront

A Digital Foundry analysis of the Star Wars Battlefront beta found that the game runs at 900p on PlayStation 4 and 720p on the Xbox One. Although both versions target 60fps, the analysis found that the Xbox One version dropped below 50fps more regularly. Over on Twitter, a fan asked Frostbite Technical Director at EA, Johan Andersson, why the engine hasn’t been optimized to run with the new hardware, to which he and Principle Technical Director, Stefan Boberg, responded by saying that graphical fidelity has been prioritized over resolution, which is a choice each development team makes.

Vagelis v ‏(@VagelisVala)

Battlefront is really enjoyable fun game, but after 2 years with the new hardware you seriously cant optimize your engine to run more than 720p(?!) on Xbox One and 900p on PS4? How is it that it has remained so static in this area since launch after 2 years?

Stefan Boberg ‏(@bionicbeagle)

Graphical fidelity has been prioritized over resolution perhaps? Ask @repi 🙂 Also — framerate.

Johan Andersson ‏(@repi)

Frame rate & fidelity is indeed king, don’t want to sacrifice it for resolution. But a choice each game team does

When another user asked if the developers had considered using adaptive resolution in areas where FPS is below 60, Andersson said that the team had thought about it, but didn’t implement it as it can be “extra complex combined with the temporal techniques” used. 

In other news, EA has said that the ESRB rating for Battlefront is still pending but the company is targeting a Teen rating like the previous games.

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[Source: Johan Anderrson (Twitter) via Wccftech, EA Star Wars (Twitter)]