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DICE LA “No Doubt” to Be Building Their Own Game at Some Point

For those not familiar with DICE LA, the studio has helped develop some of Battlefield 4’s expansions and maps, and is also helping Sweden-based DICE in developing Star Wars Battlefront. While DICE LA is mostly known as a “support studio” since the studio’s inception in 2013, that might not be the case for long according to EA’s top brass.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentions:

I have no doubt that DICE LA will be building their game at some [point], because it’s a really, really passionate group of people.

EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund compares DICE LA to Visceral Games who learned the ropes on the Frostbite Engine before having its idea for Battlefield Hardline. 

When you start something new, sometimes it’s actually good for them to test the waters, try a couple of explanation packs…You’ve got to have a good idea for a great game before you can make a game, and that takes time.

(Note that “explanation” packs might/should mean expansion packs, but we’ve quoted the source as is for the post

Could DICE LA be making its own entry in the Battlefield franchise? Or will they split off and create a new franchise entirely? Your guess is as good as mine at this point, but it’s nice to hear that a studio primarily focused on creating DLC will soon be able to stretch its legs and make a full game.

Currently, DICE LA is busy working on the community maps for Battlefield 4.

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