Full Star Wars Battlefront Beta Stats Revealed, 1.6 Billion Minutes Played

While we already know that the Star Wars Battlefront beta was a huge success, EA has now revealed a lot of Star Wars Battlefront beta stats.

Not only has there been 1.6 billion minutes played in the beta, but it even lists down how many times players spawned as Luke and Darth Vader and more. Check out the gallery below for the stats.

After playing the beta, we weigh in on Battlefront and whether it’s too similar to DICE’s premiere franchise, Battlefield, in a Versus episode. You can also watch the top five changes we want implemented in the final game based on the beta, in the video above.

Did you play the beta? What did you think of it? Will EA be able to translate the beta’s success into sales? 

[Source: EA Star Wars]