Special Metal Slime Vita Accompanies Dragon Quest Builders to Japanese Market

Square Enix isn’t shy about its plan with Dragon Quest Builders: cash in on the huge Minecraft market in Japan. Specifically, rake in dough by appealing to Dragon Quest fans who might not necessarily dig vanilla Minecraft, but also try to take a piece of that huge Minecraft audience which prefers the PlayStation Vita. If you follow Japanese sales charts, you’ll notice that Minecraft might not always be high, but it is always around — and that chart is only counting physical copies.

Knowing full well that the biggest portion of its Japanese audience is probably going to prefer this game on PS Vita, the publisher has revealed a new, special edition Vita system to launch alongside the game on January 28. Check out the Metal Slime hardware right here:

As you can see from those images, the bundle also includes a custom Vita theme, which comes pre-installed on the system. That little thing that looks like it means to stab your Vita actually does; it goes in the headphone dealie, as I understand it. The whole bundle will sell for 26,000 yen, or roughly $215 USD at the current horrible exchange rate.

If all versions of this game came west, which would you get: PS3, PS4, or Vita?