Destiny Update Today Is a Hot Fix, Fixes Issues Introduced With the November Patch

After releasing Destiny update 2.0.2 on Tuesday, Bungie noticed a few issues with that patch, so they brought out hot fix today, which fixes some bugs and will require you log back in again after returning to orbit:

Pardon our dust! We are pushing a patch live today. Players will be required to log in to Destiny again after returning to the title screen to install the patch. You should not be removed from any activities you are currently in.

Here’s the 2.0.2 bugs that today’s hot fix corrects:



  • Fixed an issue in which Rare Leg Armor Engrams were not decrypting correctly

Lord Saladin

  • Fixed an issue in which descriptions for Iron Banner Shaders, Emblems, and Ghosts were displaying random perks incorrectly

If Iron Banner is no longer available for you, try logging out and then logging in again.

You can learn more about Bungie’s upcoming Refer-a-Friend program over here.

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