Bloodborne Update 1.07 Reportedly Includes Unannounced Tweaks

Bloodborne players have been busy digging through update 1.07, and have noticed some unannounced changes which they’ve been sharing on the game’s subreddit. Some of the tweaks (courtesy of Kotaku) are listed below.

According to user FnFnc, it is now possible to parry with Augur of Ebrietas. Here’s a video demonstration:

Additionally, user Blklee detailed changes to how scaling gems work:

I was tinkering with Bloodgems on my STR/ARC build, and I noticed that the Heavy and Cold gems I had lying around were outperforming the better gems inside of weapons that scaled poorly with my lower stats. So I started to do some testing.

I tested a few weapons, one being the BoM. I have a SKL level of 15, so naturally BoM wouldn’t deal as much damage. Without Bloodgems the physical damage is 114+23. A 27.2% Tempering Triangle the damage is buffed it by 38 damage. However, my Abyssal Heavy with Scaling +24.8 increases the damage by a whopping 53 damage. Bumping the STR scaling within the BoM from nothing to a B.

This works for Arcane especially. By placing a single Cold Abyssal inside the elementally converted weapon its damage is increased significantly. However, you still need the proper elemental bloodgems to convert it into the respective damage type.

And according to user LeonAmongWolves, the flamesprayer’s bullet consumption has lowered significantly. 

Have our readers noticed any of these or other changes worth mentioning? Let us know.

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