Cheat off Dolphins in Classroom Aquatic, Coming to PlayStation VR in 2016

Successfully Kickstarted in March 2014, Classroom Aquatic is the “world’s first underwater stealth/trivia cheat-’em-up,” and developer Sunken Places announced today that it’s coming to PlayStation VR. If it’s anything like the Steam version, Classroom Aquatic will be available in Q2 2016.

As you can see in the trailer (which is now over two years old), Classroom Aquatic has you answering questions and cheating off your dolphin classmates.

In today’s post about the PS VR version, Designer Remy Karns talked about the premise:

In Classroom Aquatic, you’re a foreign exchange diver student spending a semester abroad in a school for dolphins. There, you’ll be given a series of tests that you’re in no way prepared for. The only way to pass is to cheat — avoid being caught by the teachers, don’t let your fellow students tattle on you, and cheat your way to the top of the class!

The good news is, we all know how to cheat: just look over at your neighbors’ tests and copy their answers. Don’t worry — dolphins are very smart — they always know the right answers. But they also know when you’re trying to cheat, and the more obvious you are, the harder they’ll try to hide their answers. And if you get them too angry, they’ll tattle to the teacher!

Depending on the teacher and progress through the campaign, teachers will patrol the class to stop you from cheating, rearrange the classroom, or turn other students against you, with a dolphin student also trying to out-cheat you.

Calling it a “true VR game,” Karns says this is more than a port, with the mechanics, goals, and gameplay all tailored for virtual reality.

Answering some questions, Karns revealed that “a person playing the game will know one or two questions in the quiz,” but other questions are extremely difficult to answer, and each level in the full campaign takes about five minutes to complete.

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