Destiny Update 2.1.0 Goes Live Today, Here’s the Patch Notes


Destiny update 2.1.0 is now live and takes up a reported 716MB, depending on your platform.

Bungie provided full patch notes for the update, and we’ve placed some of the highlights below:


  • The Sparrow Racing League event is live in the Tower until December 29th
  • Talk to Amanda Holliday to get started on Sparrow Racing Quests and Bounties
  • Race to unlock new SRL rewards
  • Check out Eververse for a new stock of items



  • Fixed some issues where the player could sometimes get stuck in a slow sprint speed
  • Players can now use charged melee attacks while tethered by Hunter’s Shadowshot ability




  • Exotic Collector’s Edition class armor may now be Infused and now has the Life Exotic perk to permit use with other Exotic Armor
  • Fixed an issue where some Rare Leg armor was not granting its bonus ammo perks to certain exotics
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock Helm armor Salicin Fen II so it no longer uses a leg armor talent grid


Hive Ship

  • Various chests around the Hiveship will now grant Hadium Flakes instead of Wormspore


  • Will of Crota strike has been added to the Vanguard Strikes and Vanguard Heroic Strikes playlists


  • Nightfalls now awards +500 Vanguard Rep on first completion per character per week


  • Discarding an Exotic Shard now takes longer button press time to prevent mistaken discards

 Check out the rest of the patch notes over here.

Original Story:

Scheduled to release at 10am PT/1pm ET, Destiny update 2.1.0, aka the December Update, will make a number of changes to the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

First up, be aware that you’ll be asked to log in again after installing the update:

Pardon our dust! We are pushing a patch live today. Players will be required to log in to Destiny again after returning to the title screen to install the patch. You should not be removed from any activities you are currently in.

Full patch notes will arrive shortly after the release of 2.1.0, but here’s a preview of the Titan changes in the meantime:

Titan Patch Notes:



  • Titan Melee: Extend Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Sunstrike: Decrease DOT Time (6.5s ->5.5s)


  • Hammer of Sol: Reduce Damage Resistance during Super (-9.09%)
  • Hammer of Sol: Slow Hammer travel speed by (-1.32%)


  • Forgemaster: Reduce Splash damage detonation radius multiplier (-20%)
  • Flameseeker: Turn down Hammer tracking bonus (-25%)
  • Flameseeker: Remove +1 Recovery, and +1 Agility stat bonuses
  • Fleetfire: Added +1 Agility stat
  • Firekeeper: Added +1 Recovery stat
  • Cauterize: Added cooldown (0s -> 3s)


  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)



  • Titan Melee: Extend Titan Melee range (+12.5%)
  • Storm Fist: Increase base damage (+18.2%)
  • Overload: Now also provides faster melee recharge (+50%)
  • Discharge: Additional Damage (+7.69%)
  • Discharge: Changed AOE to spherical shape
  • Amplify: Increased Super energy bonus (+30%)


  • Headstrong: Now also provides Faster Sprint
  • Transfusion: Improve cooldown(5s ->3s)
  • Unstoppable: Now provides a total of +2 Armor (+1 additional)
  • Unstoppable: Increased damage resistance (+25%)
  • Juggernaut: Improved Shield health (+14.3%)
  • Juggernaut: Now works when airborne


  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)



  • Titan Melee: Extend Titan Melee range (+12.5%)


  • Ward of Dawn: Recharge Grenade and Melee Abilities on Super cast


  • Catapult Lift: Faster Initial velocity (+5%)

Also, don’t forget that Sparrow Racing League is live today for owners of Destiny: The Taken King. The event will last for three weeks.

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