Fallout 4’s Latest Update on PS4 Improves It to 30fps in Certain Areas, Says Analysis

With the Fallout 4 update yesterday on PlayStation 4, Bethesda made “general memory and stability improvements,” while also adding performance improvements inside the Corvega Assembly Plant.

Testing out the PS4 build after patch 1.02, Digital Foundry discovered that the game now runs at a fixed 30 frames-per-second in areas in the Corvega Assembly Plant where previous builds fell to the mid-20s.

They weren’t able to fully test other aspects of the game after installing the update, but you will notice improvements:

As things stand, the improvement is clearly tangible, even if the frame-rate still isn’t 100 per cent ideal. A flat reading at around 20fps creeps in once we trigger explosives in the sewers, while the high-rises of the factory plant still take a toll on PS4’s frame-rate. An overview of Lexington prompts a similar lengthy drop, but patch 1.02’s overall reading is indeed higher in each scenario.

Digital Foundry adds, “We’re far from a perfectly stable 30fps, and accuracy while aiming manually still suffers from sharp declines in response during combat.”

Also, according to numerous reports, update 1.02 fixed the infinite money glitch discovered shortly after launch.

Have you noticed any other improvements since installing 1.02?

[Source: Eurogamer, Kotaku]