Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Cinematic Trailer Shows Some Intense Dragon Valley 2015 Action

Following last month’s announcement by DICE that Battlefield 4 will get the Legacy Operations DLC for free later this month, which includes fan-voted Dragon Valley re-tweaked to fit BF4’s gameplay structure, the studio has now released a new Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations trailer to get you hyped.

Same with other Battlefield trailers, expect tanks, choppers, jets and lots of explosions in the trailer. If you’re a Battlefield fan, this trailer will make you want to play Battlefield 4 again — at least it worked for me, anyway.

Set to come out later this month to coincide with the Battlefield 4 Holiday Update (it will be a separate download), Legacy Operations will allow shooter fans to play Dragon Valley in either Conquest and Rush.

Are you still playing Battlefield 4? Will you give Legacy Operations a go once it’s out?