Free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC Features Re-Imagined Dragon Valley 2015 Map

Releasing alongside the Battlefield 4 Holiday Update later this year, the free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC (it’ll be a separate download) includes the re-imagined Dragon Valley 2015.

Voted on by fans last year when asked which classic map they wanted to see added to Battlefield 4, Dragon Valley 2015 will only be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Since DICE “really wanted to push the envelope with Dragon Valley 2015, and that meant being able to make a bigger level, with a larger scale than anything currently in Battlefield 4,” they decided to focus on the more powerful platforms.

 They continue:

This doesn’t mean we’re no longer supporting players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with critical updates when needed, but we really wanted to try something big for Dragon Valley, and we think that when you play it, you’ll see the difference.

A huge map from Battlefield 2 with a massive number of flags and destructible/repairable bridges, Dragon Valley 2015 is a large vehicle map that will see some changes with the re-imagining:

Battlefield 2 featured a poor draw distance (how far you can see in the game world) by today’s standards, and the original map was built around those limitations. We tackled this in several ways: first we increased the terrain verticality to closer mimic a real life Chinese river valley – and to give us more terrain occlusion for long distances, especially on the central island. We also added a dynamic cloud layer, which not only adds a welcomed air-to-ground separation in terms of gameplay, but also helps shroud far distances at ground level. This has the added bonus effect of allowing you to have intense aerial firefights above the cloud level, which looks really, really cool in Battlefield 4.

Destructible and repairable bridges didn’t change much in the re-imagining, while the Conquest setup has more flags than any other map in Battlefield 4. DICE will also be including Rush on Dragon Valley 2015.

[Source: Battlelog]