Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.15 Brings Some Festive Cheer Along With Anima Weapons

Final Fantasy XIV has been drawing the players back in with its free 96-hour promotional login campaign, and now there’s a new patch to boot. 

Patch 3.15 is now live, bringing with it some major additions and changes to playable content, the battle system and items.

The new Anima Weapons story quest line has been added, allowing players to “obtain various job-specific weapons which can be enhanced as they progress.” The starting quest to look out for to begin your Anima Weapon hunt is called “An Unexpected Proposal.” 

Also, the Scholasticate side story quest is now playable, adding the four quests: “Contradicting Convictions,” “The Benefits of Consultation,” “Balancing the Spear,” and “More than Meets Her Eye.”

You can get caught up on the long list of other changes over at the official forum post.

If you missed the trailer celebrating the holidays in Eorzea, click on the video below and enjoy!

Will you be returning to Final Fantasy XIV this holiday season?