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Survival Horror & Why Wolverine Had to Die (Fallout 4 Podcast)

If you want an MP3 download to take the podcast on the road, here you go.

We dive headfirst into one of the best RPGs of 2015, Fallout 4. Impressions here are based on about 35 hours of play at the time of recording, and we’ll be revisiting this one again in the near future. Contents:

00:00 – Intro and graphics

04:05 – Fallout 4’s art direction or “Why are the 50’s terrifying?”

10:23 – The mark of a good open-world game

13:16 – Thoughts on the story (so far), spoiler free

14:58 – Interface and settlements

16:40 – Tales of power armor, turrets, swords, and raiders

18:44 – Depth, Combat, cameras, and hitting the bottom

29:18 – Back to that interface…

33:57 – Quality vs. Quantity

35:50 – RPGs and “you are the story”

38:00 – Survival horror wishes it could do this

42:25 – Why I murdered Wolverine

47:11 – What up, Dog?

49:11 – The Music
What did you think of Fallout 4, if you played it?

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