9/11 VR Game, Fallout 4’s PS4 Graphics, Nier Automata – Best Video Game Podcast 10

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So there’s this VR game [08:46] for Oculus Rift, which puts people in the World Trade Center during September 11, 2001. We discuss. We also give our takes on Fallout 4’s graphics, since the PS4 version’s screenshots caused a division.
00:00 – Various Fallout 4 graphics perspectives

06:25 – So are they good enough for you?

07:53 – Modders will improve them. Is that a bad look for Bethesda?

09:05 – Camp “Good Enough”

09:34 – There’s a 9/11 Game for Oculus Rift

12:06 – If movies are okay, why not games?

14:13 – Reminds me of Six Days in Fallujah

16:22 – Miyu Matsuki died

20:34 – Halo 5’s (relatively) low sales in the UK

22:30 – Console wars are kinda stupid

23:56 – When no one talks numbers, they were probably low.

24:43 – The difference between you and John Q. Massmarket

31:00 – The highest digital sales make up like 20% of total.

32:48 – Nier: Automata lookin’ hawt


Would you play the 9/11 game [08:46]? Or Six Days in Fallujah? What’s your take on the Fallout 4 visuals? If you haven’t played Nier yet, are you gonna? Because I mean, dude, Automata… I mean this is going to lead to years and years of “What’s Automata with you?” jokes, and you don’t need that.

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