Fallout 4 Dreams Edition

Fallout 4: Dreams Edition Features 6 Free Roam Quests and 4 Minigames

Fallout 4 is nearly five years old, but fans of the franchise can experience it anew once more courtesy of a Dreams recreation. Fallout 4: Dreams Edition is currently a work in progress from creator Robo_Killer_v2. It seems a pretty faithful recreation, too, specifically with regards to the impressive amount of detail. For now, Fallout 4’s Dreams version boasts a total of six free roam missions, as well as four minigames.

A Twitter user recently shared a two-minute video of the Fallout 4 creation in action. Gameplay starts at around the 50-second mark in the following clip:

As you can see, it does look a little rough around the edges. Robo_Killer_v2 notes as much on their creation’s InDreams page, telling players to “expect slow framerate.” Apparently, some degree of improvement is possible by enabling higher framerate in the “My Preferences” section. The website also includes a number of impressive screenshots, further showing off the project’s remarkable level of detail.

This is yet another incredible creation from the Dreams community, who has been building projects in the game since

Though Dreams is finally out in the wild for all PS4 players, Media Molecule remains hard at work on the project. Most notably, PlayStation VR support nears completion, according to Technical Director Alex Evans. The studio plans to release “juicy” updates in the future as well; however, there’s currently no word on when they’ll launch. Evans additionally noted the multiplayer component won’t release anytime soon. Still, he remains “confident it’ll come out.”

Dreams is in stores now digitally and at retail for the PlayStation 4.

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