Gone Home PS4 Gets Last-Minute Delay in Europe, Trophy Tasks You With Beating the Game in 60 Seconds

While Gone Home released today for PlayStation 4 in North America at $19.99 as scheduled, the European release has suffered a last-minute delay, the developer announced on Twitter:

Sad announcement: due to last-minute complications with ratings/cert, [Gone Home] Console is delayed in EU/AUS regions. EU/AUS versions are on fast track, so our hope is this is a brief delay– we’re working as hard a possible to fix it.

Thank you to NA players who will be playing soon– and EU/Aus players, our apologies, and thanks for your patience.

Explaining more behind the delay, the devs said, “Basically the holiday schedule had more of an impact than expected. No firm date yet, but will share as soon as we have one.”

They add:

Worldwide releases involve a lot of different ratings agencies and separate certification processes. So to release in NA, only need ESRB rating. EU/AUS is like 5 or 6 different ratings agencies. Lots to juggle.

Asked for a time-frame, they said, “Wish we knew. We expect less than “weeks” but don’t want to promise anything for certain til we’re through the process!”

If you’re looking to buy Gone Home, there’s 10 Trophies included in total, but no Platinum. One of the Trophies, Homerunner, says, “Completed the game in less than 1 minute with no Modifiers enabled. (From New Game in a single session only).”

What do you think of the delay?

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