Life is Strange Director’s Commentary Available to Download for All Owners

Regardless of whether you own the digital version of Dontnod’s Life is Strange or if you’ve just recently picked up the boxed retail version, publisher Square Enix is ensuring the series’ director’s commentary is available to all. 

Coming by way of update 1.07, additional subtitles options are also inbound for digital owners, giving existing owners the chance to play through Max and Chloe’s adventure with Spanish, German or French subtitles.

As for the commentary, it’s available to download across all platforms except PS4, with Dontnod primed to roll out the novel feature on January 25. 

Per Facebook:

We hope you are all looking forward to playing the Limited Edition – if you’re playing on PS4, please be aware that the Directors Commentary will be available to download on January the 25th. Until then browse the beautiful artbook, turn up the stereo on the soundtrack or just put the Blu-ray in the drive and take a trip to Arcadia Bay with us.

What do our readers think of Dontnod adding a directors commentary for Life is Strange? Indeed do you see yourself revisiting Arcadia Bay thanks to the new option? 

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