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Volition Shows Off Cancelled Saints Row PSP Game

In case you didn’t know, Volition was at one time, developing a Saints Row game for the PlayStation Portable (hint: you most likely never knew of it since it was never announced). While that obviously never happened, the studio has lifted the lid on just what the game looks like and then some.

Volition has made an entire video showcasing gameplay footage and talking about the PSP’s Saints Row game. According to the studio, the open-world game originally had two working titles (Saints Row Undercover and Saints Row The Fall) before they decided on Undercover.  And yes, they show the game booting up on an actual PSP! Word of warning, though; the game looks unfinished (because it is!), and generally not good. Hey, there’s a reason it got cancelled, remember?

Want more of what you see above? Volition will play the game live on their Twitch channel on January 28 at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET! 

I love that Volition is giving fans and gamers an inside look at cancelled games. Let’s hope other studios follow suit if and when their publishers allow them.

Digging Saints Row Undercover? Could a good one be made using the Vita? That’s one to ponder, no?

[Source: Volition (Twitter)]