The Witness Trophy List Revealed, Jonathan Blow Warns Against Spoilers

Ahead of The Witness’  launch tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PC for $39.99/€36.99/£29.99, Exophase posted the full Trophy list, revealing all 14 Trophies you can expect to unlock.


Featuring a Platinum, 11 Gold, and two Silver, The Trophy list keeps the spoilers to a minimum, with Trophies unlocking for activating lasers, beating the game, and completing an unnamed challenge.

Here’s the full Trophy list:


  • Platinum – Get every trophy.


  • Shady Trees – Activate the Shady Trees laser.
  • Desert Ruin – Activate the Desert Ruin laser.
  • Treehouses – Activate the Treehouse laser.
  • Quarry – Activate the Quarry laser.
  • Marsh – Activate the Marsh laser.
  • Jungle – Activate the Jungle laser.
  • Monastery – Activate the Monastery laser.
  • Bunker – Activate the Bunker laser.
  • Town – Activate the Town laser.
  • Endgame – Reach the end.
  • Challenge – Complete a certain challenge.


  • Symmetry – Activate the Symmetry laser.
  • Keep – Activate the Keep laser.

On Twitter, developer Jonathan Blow warned that he’s already seen massive spoilers for The Witness on game forums, and to be careful when reading reviews:

Two things about reviews!

1) Almost all of them contain spoilers of some magnitude, so be careful!

2) If reviews refer to it as “Jonathan Blow’s game” just remember that, as with any big and complicated game, there is a whole team of skilled people who worked on the game for years!

You can read our review of The Witness over here, where Chandler said, “I realize that I’ve written a lot about The Witness, seemingly without saying much about it at all. That’s for the best. I can’t say much about it, and I certainly can’t go into detail. It’s a brilliant, beautiful, masterfully crafted work, and the more you discover, the more apparent it is.”

Other games releasing this week with Platinum Trophies include Gemini: Heroes Reborn, This War of Mine: The Little Ones, Saturday Morning RPG, and LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

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