The Inpatient Trophy List Revealed, Has a Platinum to Earn

The Inpatient is the PlayStation VR exclusive prequel to Until Dawn. While we can’t make any assumptions about the length of the game based on trophies, having a Platinum does bode well for The Inpatient being more than a brief virtual reality experience. The Inpatient trophy list was unveiled today, but be warned, it contains a lot of spoilers about the game. Following the model of Until Dawn, there will be a lot of choices to make, as well as some narrative twists and turns that players may not be expecting. The trophy list reveals many of those major decisions and even a couple of the big twists, so don’t read on if you want to remain surprised.

There are four bronze trophies, ten silver, seven gold, and of course, the Platinum trophy to earn. Here are all of the trophies in The Inpatient, but beware spoilers, as every trophy but one (excluding the Platinum) is hidden and contains details about the story and choices in the game.


True Patience

-You collected all Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies in The Inpatient


Lowest Ebb

-You succumbed to temptation

Through Gritted Teeth

-You resisted temptation

The Disturbing Truth

-You discovered all your memories

Barely Alive

-You escaped the mountain


-You saved Victor the hotel janitor

Don’t Look Back

-David, Suzanne and Ted made it off the mountain

The Wendigo

-You chased down Hannah and Beth Washington



-You discovered a memory

Time Lapsed

-You diligently checked the calendar while confined to your room

Horror Film

-You found the projector film of the nurse

Blood On Your Hands

-You were responsible for David’s death

Sacrificial Lamb

-You were responsible for Suzanne’s death

Dead by Dawn

-Nobody survived the night


-You killed Ted

Ultimate Sacrifice

-You stayed behind to operate the cable car

Sealed Lips

-You convinced the police you’d stay quiet about events in the sanatorium

Personal Hell

You were commited to an institution for not cooperating with the police


Stuff of Nightmares

-You experienced your first dream

Depths of Despair

-You left Bragg alone to his fate


-You met the mysterious owner of Blackwood Sanatorium


-You witnessed the events which led to the closure of Blackwood Sanatorium


We got a chance to check out The Inpatient at E3 2017, calling it a psychological and immersive horror game that hides more secrets than we can know.

Easily one of the most visually impressive PSVR games, The Inpatient drives its terror through psychological means, immersing the player in the eerie unknown and creating an unease that persists throughout. The story of the first was a brilliant thrill ride through multiple horror genres, and The Inpatient has the potential to drop us right in the middle of it all using the virtual reality platform. When I stood up for the short demo, I was visibly shaken, a mixture of emotions flowing through me from confusion to unease and fear. If you know the story of Until Dawn, you know how the story of The Inpatient is likely to end, but with what I saw, I’m convinced there’s even more to Blackwood Sanatorium than the history that we dug up in Until Dawn. Looks like we’re going to have to get admitted to discover those secrets.

Will you be going for the Platinum trophy? What do you think of The Inpatient trophy list?