Grand Kingdom Release Date Is June 21 on PS4 & PS Vita

Announced for Western release last month, Grand Kingdom for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is coming to Europe on June 17 and North America on June 21 through retail and digital stores.

A tactical RPG from Spike Chunsoft and NIS America, Grand Kingdom’s retail version on PS4 ($59.99 USD) includes a 32-page mini art book and 5-track music CD at launch in North America and Europe. The PS Vita version ($39.99 USD), however, doesn’t include any of the bonuses.

If you want to spend some extra money on Grand Kingdom, a $79.99 (USD) Limited Edition in North America includes the game on PS4 or PS Vita, Grand Opus: The Official Compendium of Resonail, full color hardcover art book, 128 Gilded pages, faux leather texture cover, 15-track original soundtrack with jewel case, parade poster (28.5″ x 14″), transparent decal sticker sheet (6″ x 10″), and a collector’s box.

You can see the different options available on NIS America’s website.

NIS America’s Jordan Vincent talked about the tactical gameplay of Grand Kingdom:

Now, I’m a sucker for pretty much any RPG where I get to train characters and gather cool equipment, but the tactical combat system of Grand Kingdom makes it stand out from the rest. You’ll be fighting on lane-based 2D levels where each unit acts in turn, but their turns play out as real-time movement limited by an Action Gauge similar to Valkyria Chronicles.

Since each mercenary has their own character class which defines their base stats and the type of attacks they can use, you’ll need to be careful not only about how you use your mercenaries, but also about which mercenaries you pair together. (Hint: a team of all Gunners doesn’t fare so well…)

Each class has their own special skills that are pretty awesome to see. For example, the Dragon Mage’s spells and her fierce-looking dragon’s fiery breath make full use of the game’s gorgeous art and fluid animations to deliver the wild thrill of a screen-filling attack and the smug satisfaction of a perfectly executed tactical decision.

Vincent also said, “There will be a Japanese and and English voice option.”

Will you be getting Grand Kingdom in June?

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