Capcom: Street Fighter V Server Resets Today May Result in Lost Data for Early Players

With Street Fighter V launching tomorrow, February 16, for PlayStation 4 and PC, Capcom revealed to MCV that server resets today will be wiping data.

As Capcom PR Manager Laura Skelly said in a statement, they’re looking into reports of retailers selling copies before the official street date, and if you bought and played Street Fighter V early, you may be losing all your data:

We’re looking into reports on this matter as we are concerned that consumers playing early will have their game data wiped and all progress deleted due to the server resets taking place prior to launch.

This is due to take place early evening today.

For those of you looking to get Street Fighter V digitally, the pre-load is now available on PS4, taking up a reported 12.34GB. There’s also a 6GB day one update that everyone will need to download and install before jumping online.

Will you be getting Street Fighter V this week?

[Source: MCV UK]