Doom Hack Modules Explained, Offer Limited Time Bonuses

In a new feature from Bethesda, Doom’s Hack Modules were detailed.

Single-use disposable items earned through the game’s progression system, Hack Modules grant you a limited time bonus, but don’t make you over-powered, as Game Director Marty Stratton revealed:

Think of Hack Modules as an emphasized awareness of your surroundings that may, if you utilize it well, make you more effective. Good players ‘see’ these things inherently. But none of these affect the game’s balance by changing how powerful your gun is or anything like that.

Some of these Hack Modules include Supply Timer (shows respawn timers on pickups); Retribution (shows location and health of the player who last killed you); Scout (shows location of all enemies for a few seconds after you spawn in); Vital Signs (shows health bars over enemies’ heads); and Power Seeker (shows location of nearby power-ups). A live Hack Module will pause if you die, letting you use the remaining time or pick another one before you respawn.

As Bethesda has said before, Hack Modules “are not tied to micro-transactions.”

Doom’s multiplayer was built in partnership with Certain Affinity (Halo 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts), and includes Warpath – a newly revealed mode similar to King of the Hill:

The difference being that the capture-point moves in a circle around the map (along a clearly marked path). Meanwhile, a game-changing demon rune moves in lockstep on the opposite side of the path. Players have to decide where they want to be: rushing toward the power-up to turn into a Marine-destroying Demon; clustered around the capture point to defend or steal control; or simply roaming around looking to pick off any errant foes.

Doom releases on May 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Expect details on a beta in the future.

[Source: Bethesda, Certain Affinity]