Here Are the Not a Hero Game Giveaway Winners

Our Not a Hero game giveaway contest is now officially over. While our Community Manager Stephen Bitto already gave out the codes to the winners that got picked via social media, the comment winners from our contest announcement post have yet to get theirs, and I’ll get to those in a bit.

Listed below are the winners from our social media platforms and comment winners. Now, if you’re one comment winners and noticed your username below, please reach out to me at so I can send you your code. Again reiterating that if you’re one of the comment winners, please reach out to me via email so I can send you a Not a Hero game code.

Social Media Winners:

  • Mitchell Plaud
  • Dan McCulloch
  • Daniel Bryan Nava
  • Timothy Scott
  • Omri
  • Mike Soto

Comment Winners:

  • chavez1138
  • Christian Hartis 
  • Adelflame 
  •  Ediner Perez 
  • Jun 

Stay tuned for another game giveaway set to roll out this week on PlayStation LifeStyle!