Dragon Quest Heroes II Gameplay Videos (Plus New Info)

Dragon Quest Heroes II doesn’t yet have a release date, but the media is starting to pour out of Square Enix’s…um…whatever media pours out of. For example, here’s new trailer:

And now a gameplay video from a Square Enix live broadcast:

And another, now with more combat:

The average area size has been increased, and the game is said to flow in a more Dragon Quest-y town -> field-> dungeon style than the first Dragon Quest Heroes. It’s not clear whether this means multiple, big towns or just refers to the pattern of going back to your root town.

Weather may affect the power of certain spells and might alter the enemies present in the field. Developer Omega Force also added some quality of life upgrades with a dash button and cross-stage warping, presumably to make up for the increased area size.

You can’t use them in story mode, but for multiplayer, you can snag Aurora, Luceus, Yangus, Doric, Bianca, Isla, Psaro, and Nera as free DLC. If you’ve got save data from the first DQH, you’ll get some bonus costumes for Aurora and Luceus. Save data from Dragon Quest Builders earns you a mallet weapon.

The Japanese and Asian versions of this game will be on PS3, PS4, and Vita (including PSTV support), and will support cross-save as well as cross-platform multiplayer teamups. The PS3 version of the first Dragon Quest Heroes didn’t go west, but that game didn’t get a Vita version; it’s therefore not easy to predict whether that one will or won’t come along with its PS4 version, assuming this one also makes the swim.

Here’s some four-player co-op action:

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is expected to release in 2016 in Japan, while the rest of the world awaits official confirmation. We recently posted a few screenshots here.

[Via: NeoGAF]