Street Fighter V Matchmaking Being Improved, Capcom Aware of Issues in Europe

In their fourth post-launch status update for Street Fighter V, Capcom revealed that they’ve made improvements to Battle Lounges, meaning you shouldn’t get disconnected once you’re in a lounge. However, “the ability to search and join Battle Lounges still needs improvement as it is not functioning as intended,” and Capcom will be looking into it over the coming weeks, with a fix hopefully coming soon.

As for matchmaking, Ranked and Casual battles are still being improved for most users, though you should be getting matched up faster as the recent server reset. For everyone else, Capcom is aware of players outside North America running into issues:

We understand players in Europe, the Middle East and some other territories are still running into issues with slow matchmaking. The server team is aware of this and will be continuing to look for ways to improve this issue.

Our goal is to provide the best online experience for all users, and if you are not in a region that has a large number of users with stable connections it will take longer to find a suitable opponent. Again, we will continue to look at this issue and find ways to circumvent longer than intended wait times for matchmaking.

More status updates will arrive in the near future.

If you’re interested in Nash, Capcom brought out his official character guide, which you can view in the above trailer.

[Source: Capcom]